Printing your Photos is important, and here is why

So this is my first blog post and I have something really important to tell you. When it comes to Photography and especially Digital one we are often trapped in taking so many photos and editing them/or not and then after couple hundred of photos we quickly set up our social media Channels and suddenly we are stuck in this crazy repetitive world of modern photography and uncontrolled and non curated uploads. Like I was myself… (over 3.5K photos on my Flickr) But those are the ways of learning and that is OK!

What I mean by crazy and repetitive is actually really simple and I do think that all of you know what I mean. Basically if you go right now to your Instagram feed and go thru your followings and thru Instagram’s Discover/Search option you will fing yourself in a see full of the “Same” photographs. 


Why is that you might ask yourself???… hmmm well as I can recall it I have  done the same thing to be honest and its nothing strange to none of us or bad by any means, all that I am saying is that is enough of this. We need to change and be better!

Now lets get back to our lovely Photos and Printing and why I think it is the most important part of your Photography path be it Professional or Personal.

Lets start with me. I did upload at lest couple of thousand photos until I did my firs serious print. I mention this because that was my mistake, a big one I must say. This is my first print after our meetup in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jajce Waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovina Alu-Dibond Print SAAL Digital Germany

You might recall this photograph from my Gallery and it is taken with 16MP Olympus OMD EM10 Mk2 and 25mm f1.8 Lens and this is one is a keeper.

After printing this photograph and thanks to amazing Print quality from SAAL Digital here in Germany, and amazingness of Alu-Dibond Printing surface I saw my photo with different eyes and it was an eye opening moment really.

I suddenly started looking at my photos with more respect and the landscapes and subjects itself were suddenly more important to me. I cant explain why is that but new fire inside me was burning even bigger one than when I was starting with photography and that is SOMETHING!!!

After this when ever I went out to take photographs I was more careful and more picky about what I want to photograph and I was searching for something mining full and different. I do admit that I was shooting almost as before like hundreds of photos “just in case” but that is OK and acceptable with Digital Cameras those days and especially if you don’t mind extra work at home scrolling and picking from your folder from that day. I am slowly changing this but it will take some time after all 5 years of habit is not that easy to change 😀


Product of my changed approach to photography was this photograph taken in Düsseldorf Germany. I remember this day like it was yesterday, since I was in need for nice composition like when Junky is in need for drugs :O  I went out on a super cold day at river Rhein and it was freezing cold and as night came and blue hour was almost gone I finally found my composition and waited for the lights to tun on and wind started blowing like crazy and as many of you know when it is windy by the river it is freaking COLD. Finally with cold winds Sea Gulls have stopped flying in my frame and I was able to made this photograph.

Düsseldorf am Rhein Blue Hour Forex Print SAAL Digital Germany

What you see here is a 60×115 print on Forex or Hard Foam or Die Hartschaumplatte in German 😀 I must say that my main reason for choosing this printing surface was because it costs much less than Alu-Dibond and since I wanted big print for our living room I didn’t want to spend extra money since this photo was taken with (many would say) not that great camera that is Sony Alpha 5000 and 16-50mm little Kit Lens that I was testing because I wanted to switch to Sony and their amazing senor’s and my thoughts were at first that print will not be the best because of the resolution of the sensor and details and IQ that this lens was able to capture and oooh boy was I wrong in both, first this camera and lens combo did amazing job and second guys at SAAL Digital did the amazing print. 

Düsseldorf am Rhein Blue Hour Forex Print SAAL Digital Germany 2

This brings me to the next point that are details, and of course you can’t see that in those images that I am posting as I can see it with my own eyes in reality but I am huge nitpicker and huge Pixel-peeper and I can tell you that I am super happy with those prints and especially this big one 60×115!!!

Düsseldorf am Rhein Blue Hour Forex Print SAAL Digital Germany 1

As you can see even small brunches are visible and without any artifacts and also separation from the water is impressive. Here are the details in the buildings.

Düsseldorf am Rhein Blue Hour Forex Print SAAL Digital Germany 4
Jajce Waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovina Alu-Dibond Print SAAL Digital Germany 2

Again I was blown away with this print quality. One thing I will say is that if you are going to print I would advise printing on Alu-Dibond if you want the printing details to be on the Tipiti Top 🙂

Jajce Waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovina Alu-Dibond Print SAAL Digital Germany 1

Last but not least the mounting frame, ohhh dear mounting frame… I will tell you something and that is that I am sometimes really stupid 😀 and I overthink too much… First print on Alu-Dibond I have ordered with Alu  mounting frame as you can see below.

SAAL Digital Germany Alu Mounting Plate

But unfortunately on the big Forex print I didn’t, I was a “Cheap Ass” and I tough OK it is Forex it is light, I can hang it without problems on the wall and that was a mistake! Forex is soft and print this big is wobbly but fortunately I ended up making my own frame and I wished I just ordered  the freaking frame 😀 but non the less I was super happy. My point here is order the frame too! If you are interested in this printing company you can find them here SAAL Digital GmbH Germany and I can vouch for them because I tested them and they have had their run for their money with this big print 😀 and they did it really nicely and now at least I know where I am printing my work from now on and just quick sneak peek they will be printing all my prints that I will have on sale here in limited numbers and of course on Alu-Dibond surface 🙂


My Conclusion is this: PRINT YOUR WORK and I really mean that as if I tell you get the better glass for your camera. I did have luck to participate in SAAL Digital’s printing promotion and my prints were cheaper by 50-70% since we have had the Coupon code for 50€ and I was adding the rest from my pocket but I can assure you that this opened my eyes and changed my views towards photography and helped me to distance myself from this Online Wildlands and Jungle and inspired me to focus myself to my views and my photography and not what is popular, hyped or IN. I don’t give a damn anymore… I love photography and all this Instagram, Flickr etc did influenced it and I did felt sometimes like I am not doing enough but after this I realized I am being just me and I am just fine with that because world does not need more copies of the copies 😉 and lets face it we are doing this for ourselves so do not let anyone ruin this beauty for you, be yourself. 

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Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

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