Neewer 35mm f1.2 Lens review

Neewer 35mm f1.2 is Lens marketed as lens designed for APSC camera sensors and right now it is only available for Sony E mount and Fujifilm X mount. I got Fuji X Mount version to test it with my little Fujifilm X-E3.

In terms of design it is actually decent looking lens and I would say on pair with some modern ones but that’s it really. Build quality of this lens is so bad that I felt like I will break it just by focusing. Aperture blades and mechanism is equally bad and it sticks sometimes at the end after f8-f11 wich is really annoying. Overall build quality is really poor and concerning…

Next up is focusing and as you can predict it is not good at all. It is very loose and unprecise. For example if you find your focus and if you move your fingers from the lens focus is lost and that how loose focusing mechanism is. On the other hand if you keep your hand on the lens and/or take a photo as soon as you are happy with your focusing then you will be awarded with some in focus images 😀


Lets move on with Image Quality. What I can say is that I am impressed with this 80€ Chinese lens. In the middle it is sharp from f1.2 all the way up to f16. My copy of this lens have some decentering problems on the left side of the frame and it is noticeable so I would not mention it as a bad thing in terms of IQ since you can simply return it and get better copy without decentering problems. Take a look at this chart and see for yourself.

Unfortunately there is heavy ghosting till f2.8. When it comes to edge to edge usable sharpness it will come at f4 and gets better till f16 and thanks to almost no distortion this lens is pretty usable for landscapes too.

Now this is a tricky part. When it comes to Bokeh or SDOF it is a bit weird since this lens is advertised as f1.2 lens and after comparing it with 7Artisans 35mm f1.2 I would say that I dont think this lens is actualy f1.2 but rather f1.4. Knowing that there is also new version of Meike 35mm f1.4 coming out soon I am suspecting that this might be some sort of prototype of that lens. Well we will see later when I get my hands on Meike lens. All in all rendering of this lens is decent and from f1.2 it can be useful. I do think that only at f2 you will get the best from both worlds in terms of sharpness and Bokeh.


Here are some sample images after taking this lens out for a couple of days in Düsseldorf Germany. I didn’t expect too much but I was actually enjoying with this lens in terms of IQ and small size with my Fuji X-E3.

My final thoughts are actually really simple with this lens. It is a step in right direction for who ever is producing this lens and I do think that better copy would be even better in terms of IQ but unfortunately that does not change the fact that build quality and overall QC of this lens is disappointing. I do hope there will be improvements of this lens and I definitely hope for Mk2 version that could be nice cheap alternative.


This lens is not the one I would take out with me except for testing, and that is the reason why I cant recommend this lens to anyone as a reliable lens. Maybe it is better to wait for next version since this one need a lot of improvements in build and QC.

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Lets finish with Pros and Cons from my point of view.


  • Image Quality
  • Compact Size
  • Cheap Price of 80€
  • Center Sharpness from f1.2
  • Almost no Distortions and Vigneting


  • Build Quality is poor
  • Lens Coating if there is any
  • Low contrast
  • QC- some of them are DOA (Scratches, dust, grinding mechanism etc…)
  • Overall usability

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4 thoughts on “Neewer 35mm f1.2 Lens review

    1. Alen Makota says:

      Hi, hmm unfortunately that’s not possible since Neewer is nowhere to be found 🤣 BUT you can always take a look on samples and charts for both of them and try to draw your conclusion 🙃 honestly I would take Neewer out of two but in my opinion the best option in terms of bang for the buck is Meike 35 f1.4 👌


  1. John Fry says:

    I don’t understand what you are saying about build quality. I read a lot of reviews of the lens and the build quality was good. I think you may be right about QC and maybe you got a bad one. Certainly if it’s de-centered it would make me think the whole thing could be bad? I would suggest if you get a lens that is badly built in one area you would exchange it and review the new one. Apart from that every review is helpful so thank you for doing it!


    1. Alen Makota says:

      Hi John,

      thx for writing. I would say that every lens have potential to be decentered and some of them could slip true QC but that doesn’t make the whole line bad of course. On the other hand my idea of review is to buy something and see what I got cause that’s something I find fair since cherry picking lenses is not something that I like to do nor support. I have had 3 times Fujis 18-55 replaced for new one and every time it was the same problem just different side of the lens, there are tons of people saying this lens is miracle but It made me ditch whole Fuji X system cause I really do not have time to be test worker for all those companies for my money and my free time 😁 but I do understand what you mean and thx again for sharing your thoughts 👋


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