Adobe Lightroom Classic Enhance Details and Fujifilm X-Trans

With new Adobe Lightroom Classic Update 8.2 we got new feature called Enhance Details for RAW images.
Since I have my gripes with Lightroom and Fuji’s X-Trans Sensor and I hate what it is doing to my photos in PP this was something that we all have waited for.

I use Lightroom and have no intent on buying new software so dont even bother pointing out that there is software that is working better. I was on the edge of selling my 2 months old Fujifilm X-E3 and going back to Bayer Sensor again for this reason.


Fortunately Adobe did something and unbelievably it is actually working this time 😀 This is what Adobe have put up on their website:

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Enhance Details allows you to achieve crisp detail and improved color rendering in raw images.

As usual I needed to test it right away since it sounded too good to be true.

On photos bellow you can see that this Enhance Details Feature is making a difference.

In terms of details there is slight improvements and edges are indeed more pronounced and visible.

Again if you look at that ventilation thing on top of Gehry’s building you can see that there is slight improvement overall.

And now part that was my main problem with X-Trans sensor and Lightroom.
Bloody Demosaicing of Fuji’s X-Trans sensor was killing me and pushing me away from Fuji. I really like my Fuji X-E3 but this was just too much… Worms everywhere and if you even think to touch sharpening sliders it was impossible to get decent sharpness without WORMS… I know there are other software solutions that maybe do it better but I simply dont want to have any other software than Lightroom and PS for my Photography.


Lo and Behooold it actually fixes WORMS also, at least to the degree that I actually dont mind them any more.

Here is my normal edit of Fujifilm’s RAF file with sharpening as follows:

  • Amount 50
  • Radius 1.5
  • Detail 90
  • Masking 30

Now I know that it is a bit extreme but there was no other option except this and I have tested all other combinations and this was the one that gave me the best results.

Second photo is with new Enhance Details option turned on.

I am really happy to say that this new Enhance Details feature is working. Worms on the pictures are almost gone and with Adobe Sensei AI learning it will become better and better. Go and update you Lightroom and try it for yourself. If you find anything that I missed please comment below and let us know what you think.


Her is the link to Adobe website so you can read more in detail about this new Feature:

Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

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Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

You can also follow me on:

My Instagram

My Flickr

My Youtube Channel

Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

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