Meike 35mm f1.4 Lens Review

As we all know there are lenses for our cameras that are cheap and 90% of the time just that. This Meike 35mm f1.4 lens is something different and yet still cheap in comparison to other brand Lenses.

Lets start with looks and feel. As you can see on this photo below it fits my Fujifilm X-E3 perfectly and looks really nice.

Now using this lens is a bit different as I did expected. Focusing mechanism is a nice and smooth but in my copy of this lens there is some sort of dust or fine dirt and when I am focusing with one hand I can feel slight grinding but nothing to serious to be honest.


Aperture ring is stiff and adjusting is easy and without problems even with click less ring (wish there were hard stops so I don’t have to visually check my F stop). Focusing marks are a bit weird since Infinity goes beyond actual marker and hard stop is beyond marked position…

Now to the Image Quality. Well I am pleasantly surprised to be honest. This lens is actually usable all the way from f1.4 and up. At f1.4 in the middle lens is sharp enough and at F2.8 it is really sharp.


Distortion is present and visible from f1.4 till f16.
Vignetting is visible at f1.4 and at f2 is actually acceptable. Corner to corner usable sharpness is only possible at f11 and that is the F stop to use if you are shooting landscapes and corner sharpness is important. Take a look at those images below and see for yourself. I didn’t include crop photos since this lens is sharp in the middle thru whole range.

I decided that this time I will need to include real life samples since this lens deserves that. Chart might say that it is not good till f11 but how many times will your subject be a flat wall or chart 😀
In those photos below focus was on the left side of the bridge at Königsallee in Düsseldorf. Look for middle sharpness and also corner sharpness, distortion, vignetting.

Now it is time for Bokeh shots. Since this lens is f1.4 and on my Fujifilm X-E3 it will give me DOF of f2 on Full frame sensor. This is not the closest focusing distance since I wanted to include this bottom part of this flower so you can also see how DOF is changing. For me it is a bit messy but decent (wish it was f1.2)

I saw this lens on YouTube channel from Damian Brown and he was right this is a pretty decent lens to have all in all. Of course there will be some drawbacks in terms of IQ and lens flaring and Contrast but with post processing one can really pull some nice shots with this little guy. Here take a look, those are some shots that I have made with this lens in my home town in Düsseldorf Germany. I think you will be surprised how nice and useful this lens is. 90% of all those shots are at f1.4 except that bridge shot on Königsallee.

To sum this up is actually easy. This review took me more than I wanted but not because it was hard, rather because I like this lens a loot and I wanted to shoot more with it.
This lens represents what should be considered as useful and affordable. It is not the perfect lens of course but it will get job done and you will be surprised after few shots and edits.


This lens is one that I can recommend and can say that I did not regret buying. If you need simple prime that is equivalent of 50mm field of view and DOF at f2 on Full Frame sensor than this is the one to get. Having in mind price of this lens I will not even try to compare it to Fujinon 35mm f2 WR lens since that one is obviously way better but also 3,5 time more expensiv.

Soon I will have comparison post about Chinese Trinity 35mm lenses where I will explain myself and have some ideas for one of those Companies that produce those lenses 😉

Lets finish with Pros and Cons from my point of view.


  • Image Quality
  • Compact Size
  • Cheap Price of 120€
  • Center Sharpness from f1.4
  • Overall usability


  • QC could be better since my copy have some fine dirt in Focusing mechanism (this is copy to copy case I guess, your might be perfect)

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Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

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29 thoughts on “Meike 35mm f1.4 Lens Review

      1. Reuben says:

        oh great! Thank you for the clarification.Was thinking it would work only in manual mode as it does not send any electric signal to the camera.


      2. Alen Makota says:

        It does work since in AP mode camera will adjust depending on what aparature value you set and with that available light will be calculated. Then Camera will compensate/adjust ISO, shutter speed 👍


  1. leszek says:

    I bought this lens for my Sony A7 body. I don’t know much about photography, just some basics. I did read that basically all lensens produce a circle, but cameras crop them to rectangles. I do have some other lenses and all produces a nice rectangular images. This lens on the other hand produces a circular photos (a rectangular with a black circle border). Is this normal?


    1. Alen Makota says:

      Hey man, unfortunately it is normal for a lens that is designed for APSC sensor to produce circular black border on Full Frame sensors since it is not able to cover whole sensor…. You can use it on any a6xxx models without any problem but on FF sensors a7x you will ned to turn on crop and use it as APSC camera…. hope this makes sense 😉


  2. Rajko says:

    Hi I am really glad that I came across your blog. I was looking for a fast affordable prime for my X-t20 and I was eyeing 7artisants 35mm f1.2 but after your review I changed my mine. Meike is definitely better choice now only one problems remains is how to get my hands on one since there is no reseller of this lens in here in Serbia :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alen Makota says:

      Hi Rajko,
      unfortunately its is not just Serbia 🤣 I have no idea what happened to this lens, it’s just not to be found online…. I got mine on but it is not available anymore… Try maybe there is still few of them circulating online… and yeaah da ne zaboravim, hvala na komentaru ☺️


    1. Alen Makota says:

      Unfortunately I am not able to do that since I am now with Sony a7 II but as I said I am testing gear that I would buy and use. Unfortunately Meike 25mm is not on my list since 25mm on crop is not something that is interesting to me 😀


  3. Jorge says:

    Hello Alen,
    It seems like a great little lens. I have the Meike 35mm f1.7 and I like it a lot. I wonder how much better the Meike 35mm f1.4 is.
    By the way, I love the colors/tones of the photos you made with this lens for this review.


    1. Alen Makota says:

      Hi Jorge, thank you for compliment on my photos :D. I cant say which one is better since I did not have chance to test f1.7 version but I would assume that IQ and BQ is 99% the same. F1.4 version is obviously better since it is brighter lens which means lower ISO and better Bokeh and subject separation. I do think that which ever version you get you will not be disappointed and you must decide based on your needs 🙂


  4. Juan says:

    Hallöchen Alen,

    I was doing some investigating regarding the Neewer & 7artisans 35 1.2, and the Meike 35 1.4.
    If you had to pick one, which one would it be?



      1. Artphotographerman says:

        I have both, and you lose credibility when you say 7artisans 1.2 has terrible iq. I do pro work with both lenses and never has a client told me that the 7artisans photo have terrible iq. It’s also a fun travel, leisure lens and I can nail razor sharp images at 1.2 – it’s like I’m using my other fuji AF lens. I cant believe I wasted time on your post. Never coming back….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Alen Makota says:

        Hi (whatever your name is),
        I respect your opinion and if you are happy with it I am too. Maybe your expectations are lower than mine and that’s the reason you don’t agree with me. As I said I love the looks of this lens and also size is amazing (I wish this lens have had better IQ). But all in all this lens is not the lens to buy and expect it to have nice IQ. In the end there are examples and samples so what I say is actually not that important since everyone can make their own opinion. Anyways thx for your comment.


  5. calintwf says:

    Great review!
    Question: if you’ll have to pick one lens for landscape, low light and ppl/portraits:
    – 7artisans 35mm f1.2
    – Meike 35mm f1.4
    – other ~23-35mm ~f1-f1.8
    Witch one will be?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alen Makota says:

      Thank you and good question. To be honest I would without doubt chose Meike 35mm f1.4 if I was looking for cheaper alternative to Fujis 35mm lenses. But If you are looking for just one lens, and sharpness and IQ is a must then definitely go for Fujis 35mm f2 lens. It is slower but high ISO on my X-E3 is so amazing that I have no problems shooting at ISO 12800 (will write review on my X-E3 soon). But if you have one zoom lens and just want to have one more small to carry on always and not that expensiv lens that is decent, then Meike 35mm f1.4 is the only reasonable choice right now. (And its hard to find it right now…)


  6. Steve K says:

    Great little review! Your 7artisans & Neewer / Meike 35 1.2 reviews seem to match my experience with those lenses, so I am eager to try this new one, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Germany yet?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Steve K says:

        Thanks Alen!! Then I guess I’ll be trying to wait until it’s available again at Amazon DE 🙂 Keep up the great work, a comparison between those China lenses sounds promising.

        Liked by 1 person

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