Luminar 3 Review

Lets start with saying WELL DONE SKYLUM. You guys did what no one else did (except watermarking tool).

You see there are other editing software than Lightroom and Luminar but all of them are trying to be/copy Lightroom from Adobe and honestly they are not doing great in my opinion. I did try all of them but they don’t make any sense to me at least.

On the other hand Luminar is not trying to be next Lightroom but rather something NEW, something BETTER, something MORE.


Unfortunately we will see a lot of Images with fake stuff like:

  • FAKE Sky

AI Sky Enhancer

  • FAKE Colors and Lights

Accent AI 2.0

  • FAKE Sun


Is it good or bad is up to you to decide but for me personally it is not something that I am looking for. Having those tools is nice but also as “PHOTOGRAPHER” you should take Photos not make FAKE ones 😉 For example it is nice to enhance Sun and replace “boring Sky” in seconds but some tools in Luminar are weird and they are changing images in ways that are nice for viewers and looks but they most certainly DO NOT represent reality. I will write more about this soon.

My thought on Luminar are as follows:


  • New and different
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of editing options
  • Innovative tools
  • Spark up your creativity
  • Affordable
  • Engaging with Photo Community


  • Slow (especially on Windows)
  • Sudden Crashes
  • Some tools are acting weird

As usual there are always pros and cons and that is normal. In my opinion there is more good than bad with this software and that is great.

This wouldn’t have any meaning for me if I didn’t compare Luminar 3 to Lightroom, so I did. After using Luminar and testing all those options and tools I must say that I was really surprised in positive way. Luminar is something new and different and not trying to be something else (IMPORTANT). I was surprised how easy it was to bring one photo from OK its not bad to WOW that’s cool. One more important thing is that it took me about 5 min in Luminar 3 to do that while in Lightroom I would spend at least 30 min to get to that point 😉


There are things that could be same as we have in Lightroom just because they work and are better to use. New tools Looks/Presets are really amazing tool to spark your creativity and give your editing a kick.

I did video series about using Luminar 3 and I thought it would be better to make videos and show you exactly what I mean. Here I will put them one by one and you can take a look for yourself. Hope you like them and hope they are useful and informative.

First Look:

Editing Landscape Image:

Editing Portrait Image:

Editing Night Image:

Editing Fuji X-Trans File:

My Final Words:

Now my final words are actually easy to write this time 😀

Amazing software that need more polishing and tweaking. While waiting for Luminar 4 I must say that Luminar 3 is still not enough for me and after having sneak peek in to Luminar 4 (THX Dmitry) I must say that I am even more excited and can’t wait for it to become available to all of us. There is a loot of good thing happening with Luminar and I am happy to support this company and their software. If you want to try Luminar 3 and/or buy it with option to get Luminar 4 for half the price than I have good news….


You can use my referral link here: Please use this coupon code “ALEN-MAKOTA” at you check out for 30% OFF Luminar 3.

That’s all from me for now until Luminar 4 is here and then I will do all of this again and hopefully it will be as promised.
Have a nice day and keep shooting 😉

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Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

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