Photography & Social Media

Let’s start by saying:

“There are way too many photographs online and we are to blame!”

Online Feeds

You see I am someone who loves photography and good photograph is something that makes my day better! Also there are so many bad photographs online (I mean on Photography Social Media Channels) that all those nice and beautiful photographs are buried down and we are reaching point of not return and all those photos are being buried and nowhere to be found (except for some “HIGH INFLUENCE” people).

Change it!

We can and we should do something about it instead of using our Social Channels to dump all waste that we have snaped without thinking just because well I NEED TO POST SOMETHING OR MY PROFILE WILL DIE!!!!!!!!

You see, by posting like crazy and by playing this weird Algorithm game Online what you are doing is actually making it more messy and you are burying your own good photographs under thousands of photos that are MEHHHH, NOT SOOO. I Know we all love our photographs and I know we have 10ths of Thousands of them on our SSDs/HDDs and we want the world to see them BUT let’s be honest not so many of them are what we really want to show and it’s time to be more self critic and curate our inventory a bit better and be more strict 😉


This post is not just about Social Media Channels and others. This story is mainly about me and how I was not doing this and how I was playing all those Online Algorithm Games (remember without US there is no THEM).

Next step is basically to appreciate yourself and your work more. Take time while choosing what to leave after importing your photos to your editing software be it Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar or something else. Be STRICT be RUTHLESS be SELF CRITIC and most importantly be YOURSELF. Delete what does not spark that WOW, NICE, HEEY LOOK AT THIS ONE moment when scrolling thru your images.

Give time a chance, edit you images and let them rest and edit again, try some options and do not forget to play with every single option and slider that is one your disposal till you find YOUR PERFECT combination and once more take a break (day or two) and go back and look thru them again. You will come to understanding that not all of them are worth your name on them and some of them are, so chose wisely…

All online platforms have sole purpose to exist, earn money and not die… They will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and that is fine but our photography is something that we love and care about, after all our names are on all those photos. All those photos online look the same so me. There are different styles and people are falling for those advices to “FIND YOUR STYLE”, “FIND YOUR LOOK” etc and what I have to say to all of them is that all those that are saying all those thing are simply STUPID!!! Why, you might ask? Well if someone tells you that 3 images can share same Color style, let’s say “WARM EARTHY TONES”, they have no idea! Every image is different in terms of lighting, colors, cameras and there is not way that you can apply same preset to all of them and that’s it! I mean you can, after all there are thousands of them doing that as you are reading this, but that is not the way you should do it PUNKT 😉

My idea is that we all should make our own galleries in a ways that we show everyone that we appreciate our Photographs. It’s not about likes, comment and what ever not. It is about something that we are creating and something that will stay there with our names one it!


My/Yours Way

My personal way of doing it is actually very simple. I chose my personal favorites and photos that I like the most and photos that I am proud to share with others as someone who calls himself a Photographer. I could chose more of them but let’s be honest there are times when I would like to share all of them and that is fine but I wait a day or two to get myself together and do the correct thing.


Chose the way your photos will be seen. We all know that every platform have different aspect ratios and layouts. It is really hard to chose since we have our own frames in our heads and when editing we apply them but then all those platforms are different so how do I chose….??? Well take for example my approach.

Funnel Cloud

I went with a square frame and picture inside of it. Of Course there are ways to do this differently but I thought that grey background and shadows behind the image will make it pop a bit and look more 3D. I hate how default IG looks and how cramped up everything is. Also no matter what aspect ratio my photograph is it will always be inside this grey square so no matter what platform it will be OK and safe to save my photographs for public uploads.

And here it is with other photographs in a grid layout on my IG profile.

IG Profile

Names, description, gear and location

Lets not forget about naming your photographs and giving them nice description. Writing down Camera settings and gear used could also be helpful to someone so take that in consideration. This is also not just for someone else this is also for you! In some time you will look back and remember this place and all those informations will be useful to read again.

What with Printing?

Of course for prints it is a different story but that is something that we can talk about next time. In general adjust your photos for wanted paper/print size and crop accordingly or you could chose to print square and retain your image crop that you want without to be forced to crop more or lose some parts due to different paper size.

Hashtags of course

Lets not forget about stupidity (sometimes useful) called Hashtags. We are bombarded on a daily basis with “new”, “better”, “trending”, “popular”, “niche” and “what ever not” craptags. But is that really what we need hmmm nope definitely NOP. You see, your “Tags” will die in minutes even in seconds and become irrelevant as long as you are playing this stupid game. Use your tags to actually describe your photographs and not just to have most “new”, “better”, “trending”, “popular”, “niche” hashtags! It actually doesn’t make any sense…. And I really don’t like what we are doing. I want to be able to find nice images that are taken on cool and nice places. Images that represent those places. I am sicking tired of #duckfaces all over the IG. If you don’t understand what I mean then go find some spot that you know that is actually amazing and see what is under that tag 😉


Lets call it a day…

All in all let’s make our feeds look better and lets curate our images better. Forget about every type of hype and trends and do what you think is best and do it in style and show everyone that you photographs are something worth looking at and not just another IG snap that will die in couple of seconds in some sort if #iggame. If you are new here than let me tell you that all my post are instant spark of my mind wanting to say something and share my thoughts, so don’t expect this to be planed, well prepared and organized post. It is what is coming out of my mind without being polished and adjusted for what many want to read/hear 😉

Since this is follow up to my IG post I want to include my links so we can find and follow each other and progress on our Photography Journey.

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Have a wonderful day and keep shooting!

Since I am not writing about everything that is popping up on WWW and I am trying to avoid copy paste from other sites and write something different and interesting.

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