Let’s Talk Macbook Air 2020!

Let me start by saying this: “Macbook Air 2020 is a waste of time, resources, man power, money and at the end consumers time and money!”

You might say, wait what is wrong with you? This is one beautiful thin machine and finally our dreams coming true. For all of us that wanted light and small laptop with Mac OS and decent performance while being light and small in the same time this was actually dream coming true.

What they did with this device is more than stupid.

Unfortunately here comes Apple and their ways of thinking and doing things. Let me be clear, they did great job in design department but they TERRIBLE job in the engineering department!!!

Let’s not forget one more BIG factor and that is the price of this device!



Few words on design since there is nothing that much that was changed. It is that old Macbook design and that is just fine. It is beautiful design and I love it. Simple, sleek, functional and beautiful.


On the other hand they butchered it internally. I felt like they made a device that they actually did not want to make. They did so many things wrong that I could not understand why really.

Let’s start with processor since that is one thing that I simply could not understand and accept from the “Engineering” point or better to say LACK OF IT!!!

Apple gave us quad-core 10th Gen Intel processors and that is amazing, BUT what they DID NOT give us is a PROPER way to cool those processors and use them as they were advertised and as we should.

Apple is offering i5 and i7 Intels 10th Gen processors with Iris Plus graphics which is for 70% macbook users all they need and want (don’t even think of getting that Dual Core crap) Unfortunately his processor is NOT performing as advertised thanks to Apple and their will and capabilities to design something right!


Online Reviews

99,99% of all “REVIEWERS” online are saying it is a perfekt Macbook Air and they are perfectly fine with telling you to buy it and give your money for this piece of garbage. What they are not telling you is that Macbook Air 2020 is like buying Sports car with V8 and being able to drive it at a max speed of 30 km/h because well, manufacturer forgot to put adequate cooling system and it is constantly overheating….. 🥵

There is some hope though….

There is only one guy on the Youtube who actually told us about. And he is Max Yuryev. He was hones and offered some walk-around for this temps problem. unfortunately it includes crippling you machine and in the end you are left with just 50% in terms of performance and usability. Here take a look and make up your own mind about it.

THX Max for at least trying and being honest!

I simply can not believe that I am writing about Apple in 2020 and their more than terrible product. Honestly after Ipad 2018 and iPhones in 2019 I thought this will be the year of Macbooks, year when Apple will make them great again and actually worth buying.


It was all what we needed APPLE!

Personally I was really interested in buying Macbook Air 2020. Apple gave us 256GB base storage, Intel 10th gen quad-core processors, Iris Plus graphics, Retina display, Fixed keyboard (Although I really liked 2019 keyboard design) and all of that in a small form factor! I would pay more for that than for Macbook Pro to be honest. But they simply destroyed it with their STUPID engineering decisions!

Apple could but Apple didn’t want to…

Many people online are saying: “hey what did you expected, it is a small thin device. They could not put in required cooling solution.”

Well they could, but they didn’t want to do it!

New Macbook Air 2020 is a bit thicker than previous model. There was plenty of space to put thin heatpipe between cooler and heatsink (incorporate heatpipe in to the heatsink APPLE!!!). There is simply no argument that they could not do it. Heck! they are putting heatpipes even inside the smartphones! Here take a look at this image, this is what they could do.

Apple Macbook Air 2020 Missing Heatpipe


Worst part is that “REVIEWERs” online are defending Apple and they are telling their viewers that Macbook Air 2020 is just fine and that it was right ting to do from Apple. I was actually speechless watching all those videos on Youtube!


They could also improve battery but AGAIN they didn’t want to! There was space for at least 10% more battery life. But they spend it on a plastic extensions for their speaker that are not that important and great anyway. Here take a look.

Apple Macbook Air 2020 Wasted Battery Space

Final words

Apple Macbook Air 2020 was for me really important product from Apple this year. Not just as a Tech guy but someone that wanted to buy in to whole Apple ecosystem. It would be more than enough for Photo editing, video editing and regular daily user, even some light gaming like League of Leguends with Iris Plus. It was such a promising device that was unfortunately destroyed by its own maker.

There is not one single reason or use case for which I would recommend this device to someone! Heck! How could you recommend to someone device that is running at 100C while watching Youtube Video or using your Chrome Browser! Think about it.


Apple I really don’t know what was your plan and why you did this but it was more than DISAPPOINTMENT for me. What you did with this device is unacceptable!

We all know there will be a waiting line of people to buy this failure of a device but hopefully some of them will think twice 😉 I do not blame them, I blame all those misleading Youtube videos and online “Reviews” pretending to be there for consumers, while at the same time they are misleading them.

Have a nice day and stay safe in those COVID-19 days!!!

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