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Free Tonal Presets

Lets Start with some Free Stuff. Free is always nice, right 😀
This is my Free Preset Pack and all you need to do is to subscribe to my website newsletter and Free Preset Pack is on the way to you. While I am working on some more interesting and complicated stuff that I will try to sell you 😉 you can take this as a welcome gift from me.


I have created this Presets to help me sometimes when I have creative blockade… Those are just tonal options to use or to spike your ideas when you are not sure in wich direction to go with your edits. Bare in mind you will still need to adjust your photos after you apply those Tones 🙂
Here are examples so you can see what you will be getting.

Now as I have said those are just Tonal Presets that will change global tones in your image and you will still need to edit the rest of it after you get an idea in wich direction to go 🙂 But I will not let you hanging 😉
Here is my final edit with Warm Preset applied and edited to my liking.

Unterbachersee, Düsseldorf Germany

I hope those will be useful and spark some ideas when creativity is not around 🙂